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Welcome to Domain Portfolio Services

Welcome to Domain Portfolio Services. A division of Recordweb Communications LLC. We’re a boutique internet marketing and advertising company specializing in domain names. Our focus is in the marketing, sales, leasing/renting and development  of domain names. We don’t believe in just letting great domain names lie there on the ground waiting for its magic moment. All domain names have potential to be great with care and feeding. We look at each domain name on its own merits and make decisions on how to best bring that potential to light.

We’ve been buying and selling domain names since the beginning of domain name time. Ever call a domain broker up and get the brush off? At Domain Portfolio Services, we are more into the hand holding method of working with people.

What can we offer you? Friendly personalized service. Our services include assisting companies with branding and marketing, brokering your domain name for the highest possible value, parking your domain name so it can generate revenue and we can also develop your domain name with our team of programmers. At Domain Portfolio Services, we search for ways to create value between buyers and sellers.

We offer advertising across our entire group of domain names and will consider selling, leasing or partnering with other entities to grow our companies domain names.

There are excellent domain name investments and branding potentials in our portfolio of domain names. Do your own homework or talk to us about how to direct traffic to your domain name. We will consider offers for all our domain names. We will also consider a long term lease program, rental, cash or stock buyout. Please contact us for leasing information. Email all offers to sneuman@domainportfolioservices.com or you can call Mr. Neuman at 866-300-5273.

Write us at: Domain Portfolio Services P.O. Box 526 Lakehurst, NJ 08757.

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